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Ladies of ‘Saturday Night Live’ tell Megyn Kelly about show’s new season

As the cast of “Saturday Night Live” prepares for the show’s 43rd season, female members Aidy Bryant, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong and Melissa Villasenor sit down with Megyn Kelly. “My anxiety’s back,” Strong admits. McKinnon says “it really meant a lot” to know that Hillary Clinton herself watched McKinnon’s performance as Hillary after the 2016 election.

I uploaded 5,064 Screen Captures and Stills from the interview. You can check them in the Photo Gallery.

Kate attends 69th Primetime Emmy Awards

Actress Kate McKinnon attends the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards.  Kate is wearing a Narciso Rodriguez dress, Roberto Coin jewels, and Stuart Weitzman shoes.  I uploaded bunch of photos from this evening.  Please enjoy them in our Photo Gallery.

Kate McKinnon wins best supporting actress in a comedy for ‘Saturday Night Live’

Yikes,” a visibly flustered Kate McKinnon said as she grabbed her second Emmy statue for her work on Saturday Night Live on Sunday. “Being part of this season of Saturday Night Live is the most meaningful thing I will ever do. Congratulations to our incredible cast,” she added. But just as McKinnon started to thank Hillary Clinton for her “grace and grit,” the orchestra kicked in—prompting McKinnon to hastily switch to thanking her mom. Which is a shame, because McKinnon’s incredible work as Clinton is just one part of how the women of S.N.L. made the show great again last season.

McKinnon’s win may have felt as close to a sure thing as we had in a crowded year, where Oscar winner was pitted against Oscar winner in one category and co-star against co-star in others. McKinnon may have won for gracefully carrying her popular Clinton impression through a tumultuous (and at times emotionally devastating) election season alone. But the way in which she pivoted, post-election, to nimbly skewer other members of the Trump administration, like Kellyanne Conway, Betsy DeVos, and Jeff Sessions, proved that, imported talent like Alec Baldwin and fellow Emmy winner Melissa McCarthy aside, McKinnon remains the show’s most valuable player.

Her back-to-back wins also makes some Emmys history for S.N.L., which has actually seen very few of its regular players nominated (let alone win) in its 42 seasons on air. McKinnon’s double win joins single wins for previous cast members Chevy Chase (1976), Gilda Radner (1978), and Dana Carvey (1993). And that’s it for the permanent cast! The show usually fares better in the star-studded guest acting category, where hosts like Justin Timberlake and Betty White have picked up statues. In recent years, with the exception of back-to-back nominations for Bill Hader in 2012 and 2013, it’s been the women of S.N.L. representing the cast on Emmys night. Former cast members Amy Poehler and Kristen Wiig scored three and six nominations, respectively, but this year, the supporting-actress category was crowded with three female S.N.L. players: McKinnon, her fellow Ghostbuster Leslie Jones, and departing cast member Vanessa Bayer. Not bad for a show that once had to make light of its lack of female players during a 1990 Twin Peaks sketch, in which the only two women in the cast—Jan Hooks and Victoria Jackson —had to breathlessly play every female character opposite guest host Kyle MacLachlan. “There’s only two women left on Saturday Night Live,Kevin Nealon ruefully admitted in character as Sheriff Truman, “and we already used them both up.”

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People Magazine: Up Close with Kate McKinnon

Deadline Interview

If Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have carved out serious mainstream space for the modern female comic, then Kate McKinnon is making the most of that relatively-new arena. Her hilarious Saturday Night Live pastiche on Justin Bieber in his Calvins comes second only to a pitch-perfect turn as Hillary Clinton–the latter so loved that Clinton should thank McKinnon for bolstering her campaign. Add to that a long list of laugh-out-loud characters like Ellen Degeneres, Jane Lynch and a dance-happy Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and McKinnon is surely The Next Big Comedy Thing.

It’s been a fast ride. Just four years ago, she was working on Logo’s The Big Gay Sketch Show and in the trenches of the UCB Theater. But this year she snagged her fourth Emmy nom for SNL, co-hosted the Spirit Awards with Kumail Nanjiani and starred in the all-female Ghostbusters reboot alongside Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig–a move that set her household-name status in stone.

“I don’t really know what to make of it,” McKinnon says of her suddenly-grown starpower. “It’s very strange.” She pauses. “It’s been a wonderful summer,” she says quietly, as though shocked herself.

Growing up in small-town upstate New York, McKinnon and her sister Emily Lynne–now a stand-up comic–made many video sketches for their family and friends, inventing elaborate characters in a foreshadowing of what was to come for them both. “I had a number of dreams,” McKinnon says of that time. “It always seemed so out of reach that I didn’t really dare dream it, but I did love doing wacky characters and I did think that was my best skill. I thought if I could find a way to do this and make any money then that would be ideal.”

McKinnon and Lynne’s co-working scenario later extended to the web series Notary Publix in 2015. The sisters’ comedy career choices are less surprising when McKinnon explains, “There was just a lot of comedy on the TV in the house, and my parents are both very funny. I was just never discouraged from doing something wacky like trying to be a comedian.” Of her fallback dream as a child, McKinnon says, seriously, “I was going to be a still-life oil painter and probably will return to that when they won’t have me anymore.”

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“Saturday Night Live” Season 42 Cast Confirmed

Taran Killam, Jay Pharaoh, and Jon Rudnitsky won’t return to Studio 8H for season 42 of Saturday Night Live this fall, but the show’s remaining cast is still on board.

Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Cecily Strong, Kenan Thompson, Bobby Moynihan, and Vanessa Bayer are among the cast members back for the NBC sketch comedy stalwart, the network confirmed to EW on Tuesday. Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che are slated back, as are Kyle Mooney, Aidy Bryant, Pete Davidson, Beck Bennett, and Sasheer Zamata.


Variety Interview with Keegan-Michael Key

Any list of comedy all-stars wouldn’t be complete without Keegan-Michael Key and Kate McKinnon. They’re Emmy nominated for a third consecutive year — McKinnon for her fourth season on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” and Key for the final season of Comedy Central’s “Key & Peele” — a true rarity for sketch performers. Variety got the pair together for a wide-ranging chat that spans hugs, meeting their political idols, and Bill Cosby.

You were voices in “The Angry Birds Movie,” but have you worked together in person?
McKinnon: No. And it’s the single biggest regret of my life. Now it’ll never happen. Something will be said in this interview that makes us turn away from each other.
Key: Did we meet at the American Comedy Awards?
McKinnon: We did meet on stage at the American Comedy Awards. Don’t you remember, we held each other for eight minutes at least?
Key: It felt like 80 minutes. It was only eight, but it felt like a blissful eternity.
McKinnon: And yet, not long enough.
Key: You’re right.
McKinnon: Did I ever tell you I went to see Second City early in my life and I saw you in one of the shows? I remember individual lines from the improv stuff you did after that were just the funniest things I’d ever heard. I said to myself, “That guy is going places.”
Key: Did you really see me perform? You’ve never told me that.
McKinnon: Yeah. Was it “Better Late Than Nader”?
Key: “Better Late Than Nader,” it was my put-in show. It was a show I came into, me and Jack McBrayer and Abby Sher. I had a lovely time. All that stuff in that show was great. I took over for David Pompeii. Where are you from?
McKinnon: Long Island. You?
Key: I’m from Detroit.
McKinnon: Different places and yet there we were in the same house, and you touched me.
Key: I did. We’re both huggers. I have two hug relationships in my life. One is with Kate McKinnon and the other is Kristen Schaal. So Kristen and Kate are gonna have to go in the steel cage. Someone’s gonna come off the top of the ropes with a chair.

Who’s the better hugger?
Key: Oh boy, we’re just gonna do it?
McKinnon: I think we all know the answer to that question.
Key: We all know the answer and I’m just gonna say it, even though I’ve had a smaller sample selection with Miss McKinnon. Right now I’m officially in trouble with Kristen Schaal.
McKinnon: I don’t want that. We’ll say Kristen Schaal. It’s fine, I don’t need to build myself up like that.
Key: She doesn’t need it.
McKinnon: I don’t want to put other women down.

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