Kate McKinnon covers Variety’s ‘Power of Women in Comedy’ Issue
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Kate McKinnon covers Variety’s ‘Power of Women in Comedy’ Issue

Kate McKinnon is one of the honorees of this year’s ‘Power of Women’ special from Variety. She is on the cover of this month’s issue with a brand new photoshoot and interview! You can check out photos in the gallery and read the full interview in our press library!

Kate McKinnon is exceedingly uninhibited, unselfconscious and brazen in her spot-on, wacky impressions of everyone from Robert Durst, Betsy DeVos and Justin Bieber to Dr. Anthony Fauci, Jeff Sessions and Rudy Giuliani. It makes it somewhat surprising that the Emmy-winning “Saturday Night Live” star is quite the opposite offstage.

“People are often confused when they meet me because I’m soft-spoken and pensive. I am extraordinarily introverted,” says McKinnon.

The comedian actually began speaking in character voices at age 10 to relieve her social anxiety. “I found I was more easily able to communicate with people doing a funny voice,” she says, conceding, “I found it was a way to share joy and to bring a sense of fun and community in a way that I had trouble doing just in my own voice. I do have a personality, but I find it easier still in some ways to communicate in character.”

When McKinnon was cast in the 2016 remake of “Ghostbusters,” she asked director Paul Feig if she could use a Russian accent to make the comedy feel more familiar to her. He refused, insisting she must be herself. “I thought, ‘Well, which one?’ That for me is the hardest thing, but I’ve gotten more comfortable with it as the years have worn on.”

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