Kate McKinnon on the cover of Interview Magazine
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Kate McKinnon on the cover of Interview Magazine

Kate is gracing the cover of the 50th Anniversary Issue of Interview Magazine. She answered questions from Seth Meyers, Margot Robbie, Charlize Theron, Bill Hader, and much more. Our gallery has been updated with the amazing photoshoot they did with Kate and you can read the full interview in the press library. You can buy a copy of the magazine here!

Somewhere beneath her panoply of personas is the real Kate McKinnon. For as long as Saturday Night Live’s most beloved star has been in our lives, she has retained an air of mystery that serves her well the other six days of the week—and when vanishing into the madcap characters that have made her a fan favorite since she started on the show in 2012. Behind every funhouse-mirror weirdo she creates, there’s the girl who grew up on Long Island, impersonating teachers to fit in with her classmates. For every go-for-the-jugular political impression she nails, there’s the 35-year-old openly gay New Yorker, who brought her feminist streak to roles in Ghostbusters (2016), Rough Night (2017), and The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018). And for every Emmy-earning (she has two), zeitgeist-capturing, show-stopping portrayal of Hillary Clinton—or Ms. Rafferty, the unhinged victim of an alien abduction—there’s the everyday woman who likes to sprinkle cumin on her avocado toast and who would prefer to be home with her cat, Nino. In celebration of our 50th year, in an issue devoted to ripping off a half-century of the magazine’s archives, we photographed McKinnon, who will next appear in the Fox News drama Bombshell, and then as Elizabeth Holmes in an upcoming Hulu series, in homage to some of our most iconic images. For the interview, it only made sense to have the master of impersonation answer questions from a whole cast of (very famous) characters.

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