Kate McKinnon on ‘This Park Is Mine’ Web Series
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Kate McKinnon on ‘This Park Is Mine’ Web Series

Kate McKinnon starred in a web series called ‘This Park Is Mine‘ back in 2012. The series was previously posted on Vimeo but it had to be taken down due to legal reasons. David Driver, the creator, just got the rights back to the show so all the episodes are now up on YouTube. Big thanks to @k.atemckinnon on Instagram for the info!

Kate plays an attorney named Gwen Auburndale, who was just assigned to represent the ranger Timothy T. Walters in a lawsuit.

In an 2012 interview for Hollywood.com, David Driver talked about working with Kate:

“If you work with improv performers who really know what they’re doing, Kate McKinnon and Nathan Phillips are two very good examples, it’s incredibly fun to watch. It kind of makes me wish we could just include all the different takes in the final piece.

It also let us be pretty freewheeling about the story. Gwen Auburndale’s relationship with her semi-catatonic boyfriend just kind of popped up as an idea one morning. I proposed it to Kate McKinnon, who gave me a look that I can only describe as ‘withering’ – she was clearly appalled that we’d consider throwing an entirely new character and situation at her, about ten minutes before we were due to film it. I kind of loved that she was so forthright about how crazy she thought I was… I always prefer people to be straightforward, even if it’s awkward or whatever. Then she completely nailed the whole thing, in what appeared to be a pretty effortless fashion, so it all worked out great. I am a fan of hers.”

You can watch all the episodes below and check out promotional art and screen captures in our gallery!

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