Balls Out

Character: Vicky
Directed by: Andrew Disney
Written by: Bradley Jackson
Produced by: Russell Wayne Groves, Bradley Jackson, Andrew Shingang Lee, Red Sanders, David James War, Spence Jackson, Tucker Moore, Jason Netter
Release date: June 19, 2015
Genre: Comedy, Sport
Running time: 1h 40min

With marriage, graduation, and the real world looming on the horizon, fifth year senior Caleb Fuller reassembles the ol’ team of misfits for one last epic run in Intramural football.

Cast & Characters

Jake Lacey (Caleb), Nikki Reed (Meredith), Kate McKinnon (Vicky), Beck Bennett (Dick), Nick Kocher (Grant), Brian McElhaney (Chance), Gabriel Luna (Vinnie)

Production Photos

Official Trailer