The Magic School Bus Rides Again

Character: Ms. Fiona Frizzle
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Family
Running time: 25 min
Ms. Frizzle’s kid sister Fiona takes the wheel at Walkerville Elementary, leading the class on wild adventures packed with science-fueled fun.
Kate McKinnon drives the action in this next-generation reboot, with Lily Tomlin reprising her role as the original Friz.

Cast & Characters

Kate McKinnon (Ms. Fiona Frizzle), Mikaela Blake (Keesha), Gabby Clarke (Dorothy Ann), Lynsey Pham (Wanda), Birva Pandya (Jyoti), Leke Maceda-Rustecki (Carlos), Matthew Mintz (Ralphie), Franciska Friede (Wanda Li), Miles KV (Arnold), Lily Tomlin (Professor Frizzle)

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